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April 28, 2009
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All New Ferrari 599XX (2010)

April 27, 2009
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ferrari-599xx_2010_800x600_wallpaper_022While it is based on the Original Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with the same trans-axle layout and engine type, the all new Ferrari 599XX is a real extreme track car with 700 bhp at 9,000 rpm and a new gearbox shift strategy cuts overall gear change times to 60 ms!

ferrari-599xx_2010_800x600_wallpaper_04The Ferrari 599XX is characterized by an innovative electronic concept called the “High Performance Dynamic Concept” which has been designed to get the maximum performance from the car by managing the combination of the car’s mechanical limits with the potential of its electronic controls. The mechanical and electronic systems work together to get the maximum performance from the car under extreme high performance driving, for consistent lap times. The sporty handling has been improved thanks to the adoption of second generation SCM suspension system. Track usage is also made easier thanks to the new “virtual car engineer”, a screen in the car that provides a real-time indication of the vehicle’s efficiency. Ferrari’s engineers have also used F1-derived “doughnuts” which partly cover the brake discs and wheel rim. These have the dual function of improving both aerodynamics and brake cooling.

ferrari-599xx_2010_800x600_wallpaper_05The Ferrari 599XX’s aerodynamics were honed in numerous wind tunnel test sessions with the result that the car now boasts 280 kg of down-force at 200 km/h (630 kg at 300 km/h). The front underside of the body is completely faired-in and the vents that channel hot air from the engine bay have been moved to the bonnet. The Ferrari 599XX comes with slick tyres (29/67 R19 Front and 31/71 R19 Rear) specifically developed to maximize stability in cornering and increase lateral acceleration. They are fitted to 19 x 11J wheel rims at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear.

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